House Plans By Style

Have a particular house plan style in mind for your dream home? Our architectural styles are designed to help you find the the house plan with the look and feel that fits your personal preference. Each house plan style is designed to emphasize features that define a regional area and architectural preference. From our Cozy Country Cottages to our Luxury House Plans, you're guaranteed to find one that is ideal for your new home. Browse through our various styles or call us today and we would be happy to assist you in finding the house plan style that is right for you.


A-Frame home plans feature a triangular structure with steeply-angled sides that meet at the top to form the shape of the letter A. This style has been present throughout history and acquired most of its defining characteristics during the World War[...]


Beach home plans are primarily used as secondary or vacation homes, built on beaches & other bodies of water. Beach homes are designed to accent their outdoor living spaces and can simulate the feeling of a waterfront lifestyle wherever they are con[...]


Bungalow home plans originated in India as single story, thatched homes with wide verandas. Today, bungalow home plans are still simple in design, but may now have a one and a half to two story facade which offers upstairs rooms. The 'footprint' of[...]


Castle house plans were built from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. These Castles had no defensive purpose, but incorporated stylistic elements of Romantic and Gothic Revival house plans. These revival or "mock" castles were particu[...]


Coastal home plans are most common in the lowlands of the mid & southeast Atlantic coasts. These homes are quite similar to beach home plans. Coastal home plans are designed to suit a variety of coastal terrains as well as weather conditions. Coas[...]


Colonial home plans encompass a wide range of styles that draw influences from Dutch, English, and French architecture. Regional interpretations of Colonial home plans range from New England Salt Boxes to the Dutch Colonials of New Jersey and New Yo[...]


Contemporary house plans are characterized by an absence of any historical style, but instead incorporating Art Deco, Retro, Futuristic, and Hi Tech styles. Contemporary house plans can be extremely varied and no single common design theme binds the[...]


Cottage house plans are very diverse. In past centuries, cottages were considered dwellings for agricultural workers and yet they encompassed extravagent homes like the Anne Hathaway Cottage which was a twelve room Elizabethan farmhouse with a thatc[...]


Country house plans are inspired by an idyllic sense of relaxed rural living. Country house plans trace their origins to the cottages of the early European countryside which have been updated and adapted by Americans over the past 300 years. Countr[...]


Craftsman house plans are patterned on the early 20th century arts and crafts movement. Craftsman house plans are characterized by a down-to-earth, simple yet strong design and make exceptionally comfortable homes while exhibiting quality craftsmans[...]

English Country

English Country home plans encompass many styles including Tudor, Queen Ann, Gothic, Victorian, and Shingle Style. English Country home plans also include cottage home plans. English Country home plans trace their origins to the early European coun[...]


European home plans are as varied as the countries which make up the continent. European home plans are endlessly adaptable to fit in all regions of the United States allowing homeowners the sense of living abroad. European home plans draw from Gre[...]

Farm House

Farm home plans are typically ones that you might see in a rural, agricultural setting. Early farm house styles in America varied by region. In the North, where winters are cold, two-story farmhouses made upstairs bedrooms warmer in winter. In the S[...]

French Country

French Country house plans range from modest farmhouse designs to estate-like chateaus making them suitable for upscale suburban enclaves or large properties. French Country home plans have their roots in the rolling hillsides of rural France, and e[...]

Log Cabin

Log cabin house plans feature floor plans for houses made primarily with logs.


Mansion house plans were often built in the 19th Century as replicas of older houses. Mansion house plans were often used for weekend retreats for businessmen who commuted by rail to their offices. Other mansions were built in new and innovative st[...]


Mediterranean house plans are inspired by seaside Renaissance era villas. They reflect primarily Italian and Spanish architecture. Mediterranean house plans are usually one story, open floor plans with high ceilings. Mediterranean houses are typic[...]


Mountain House Plans are commonly described by where the home is built and not by their architectural features.


Ranch house plans emerged in the 1940's after the war. A huge surge in demand for economical housing put Ranch house plans on top. Ranch house plans are a combination of several 20th Century styles and were always one story homes with a horizontal [...]


Southern house plans are designed to capture the spirit of the South, particularly the stately Greek Revival Plantation homes from the Antebellum era. Southern house plans come in all shapes and sizes from cozy farmhouses to majestic Plantations. Y[...]

Southern Cottage

Southern Cottage house plans are designed to capture the spirit of the South. Southern Cottage house plans can be found in more rural locations and have a warm, inviting front style. Southern Cottage house plans come in all shapes and sizes from ru[...]


Southwestern house plans encompass Santa Fe, Tuscan, Mediterranean and Spanish house plan styles. They are closely related to Adobe and early Native American Pueblo homes. Southwestern house plans are set low to the ground, are one or two stories a[...]


Spanish house plans reached their height of popularity in the 1920's and early 1940's. Spanish house plans capture the essence of Mediterranean Spain and incorporate the rich Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles. Spanish house plans a[...]


Traditional house plans are commonly a unique mix of many architectural styles, modified to meet the preferences of the typical American family. Traditional house plans can be many floor plan types, including ranch floor plans, 1 and a half story ho[...]


Vacation house plans are designed for flexibility and for spectacular views. Vacation house plans feature smaller square footage designs with central, open living areas and large, rear decks. Vacation house plans can be great for primary or seconda[...]


Victorian house plans are patterned on the 19th and 20th Century Victorian periods mixing in the French, Italianate, Queen & Victorian Stick styles. Victorian house plans have irregular exterior shapes, leading to free form, typically two story floo[...]


Waterfront house plans can be casual or formal and are suited to sea-side living. Waterfront house plans can now be designed with steel framing and composite siding and decking to prevent or limit moisture damage to the structure. Waterfront house [...]