Castle House Plans

Castle house plans were built from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. These Castles had no defensive purpose, but incorporated stylistic elements of Romantic and Gothic Revival house plans. For similarly styled plans, please see our English Country collection.
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Sq.Ft. 5566 Bedrooms 3 Width 71.00 ft.
Levels 3 Bathrooms 5 Depth 53.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5368 Bedrooms 5 Width 73.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 5 Depth 97.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5303 Bedrooms 5 Width 110.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 4 Depth 86.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 4046 Bedrooms 4 Width 63.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 5 Depth 85.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 7893 Bedrooms 6 Width 102.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 9 Depth 120.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 9230 Bedrooms 5 Width 191.00 ft.
Levels 3 Bathrooms 0 Depth 125.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5657 Bedrooms 5 Width 117 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 0 Depth 66 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5702 Bedrooms 3 Width 85 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 4 Depth 92 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5871 Bedrooms 4 Width 79.00 ft.
Levels 3 Bathrooms 5 Depth 87.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 4700 Bedrooms 4 Width 112.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 4 Depth 80.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 3353 Bedrooms 3 Width 66.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 2 Depth 72.00 ft.



Sq.Ft. 3687 Bedrooms 4 Width 86.00 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 70.00 ft.


More About Castle Architecture

Taking part of it's inspiration from the Romanesque architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries, Castle style buildings began to grow in popularity during the middle part of the 1800's. Many civic structures, as well as universities, churches, and residential homes during this time period adopted this style.

The other style that inspired Castle architecture is Gothic Revival. Like Romanesque architecture (or Neo-Romanesque), it gained popularity in the mid 1800's. During the rapid expansion of industrialism, Castle style buildings went up as part of an overall reaction to the rapidly changing world at the time.

At Allplans, you'll find modern Castle Style house plans that fit the spirit of this revivalist architecture. Our plans are made by some of the country's leading designers, and any plan can be customized to fit your specific needs. Order securely online or give us a call today to get started.