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Purchases made through Chatham Design Group may not be returned for credit and/or refund under any circumstances.

Due to regional variations, local availability of materials, local codes, methods of installation, and individual preferences, it is impossible to include much detail of heating, plumbing, and electrical work on your plans. The duct work, venting, and other details will vary depending on the type of heating and cooling system (forced air, hot water, electric, solar) and the type of energy (gas, oil, electricity, solar) that you use. These details and specifications are easily obtained from your builder, contractor, and/or local suppliers.

Registration for Discount Promotion

This discount program is considered optional and plans can be purchased at full price or using other promotions. CDG understands the importance of your privacy and will only provide the contact information above to select companies that will provide you with information, discounts and/or bids on products and services you will need throughout the building of your new home. At no point will credit card information be provided to any third party for any reason.

Reproducible copies of any house plan shall be used for one building project and may require a liscence agreement to be completed and signed. Builders participating in the discounted house plans program representing various customers need to fill out a form for each individual customer with their information. Customer is required to redeem the discount by or before 12 months of receiving their code.

While we believe in the quality of the products and services of the companies we endorse, CDG provides no warranties or guarantees for products and services represented by our partners, including the selected house plan.

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